panch-tattva/ptpts post result

Find below the Panch Tattva points for the mother of all IT companies in India i.e. TCS and the other reputed one i.e. HCLTECH :
TCS @1327/= gets 985 points and you may fearlessly book profits on surges , those who are interested to hold for long time will have an opportunity to grab it at some lower price.
HCLTECH @629/- gets 1005 points and may be retained for some time but beyond 700/- profits may be booked.
Markets have still not given way to despair and the results should be carefully watched. What I see as a clear sign of some weakness around the corner is due to the fact that the forerunners amongst the front line stocks have not been able to advance much or with conviction.Any way you see it , the requirement of the day is to take scrip wise stance and not get unduly influenced by the course of indices.After the results for most of Sensex/Nifty companies will be out, you will be told in no uncertain terms the strength of these two indices.
Hari Om


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