panch-tattva / basis of analysis

About me

This website is devoted to stock related study and advice. The ‘Vedas’ say that the ‘Shrushti’(the material existence) consists of ‘Panch Tattva’(five elements) i.e. Prithvi (the earthly material), Jal (the water i.e. liquid material), Agni (the fire i.e. the combustibility), Vayu (the airy material) and Akash (the ethereal material). We  see the companies’ strength in five basic capabilities in order of subtlety as is the case with the Panch Tattvas and ascribe points to each of these. The sum total gives us the real strength of the stock viz a viz the price quote. You will find the recommendation here based on this system after each quarterly result, which has been named as ‘the Panch Tattva’ system of assessing the potential of the stock with a three-month horizon in view. Since there is always a fresh assessment at least once in three months , the long term investment period is solidly covered too. The clairvoyance achieved is tremendous for the practitioner to arrive at the conclusion.

This is a matter of satisfaction that it has shown best results in empirical studies. You may as well find this working good by going through the past recommendations and the eventual market behavior. Posts under ‘panch-tattva talk’  are general in nature and cover economic environment. The advice in between the two result period might be obtained also by contacting us.

We may reassure you that it is all based on solid logic and facts etc about the companies and its business and there is nothing mysterious .

Hari Om,


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