panch-tattva/update(US stocks)


This time I have attempted to derive the panch-tattva updated points
for a leading US company  on the basis of results for the quarter
ended March 07 against the prices at close on the NASDAQ on 17/05/07
and invite the people dealing in this scrip to study the points as
also the strategy for their guidance etc. .(your attention is invited
to first go through the posts describing what the panch-tattva teknik
is all about and what are the points to remember while making use of
the same, it is also important that you go through the ‘Disclaimer’ .
This is no invitation to act or not act. The result of your action
would be your own responsibility.) Now please note :

MSFT (Microsoft Corpn.) @$30.90 gets 1052 pts and is ok for purchase
and retention till the next result time. It is better to pick in small
lots and to apply stop loss mechanism explained as a standard practice
on the average price of aquisition. One should also be booking profits
on half the quantity in hand , choose own level of profit booking.

This is my first attempt at checking the NASDAQ quoted company,
however, you may rest assured it is based on sound principles and is
no magic.



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