panch-tattva : some insight


Some people are intrigued by the words ‘vedic’ , ‘panch-tattva’ and the like that have been used by us when we refer to our system. Please dispel any misconception that you may have regarding the ‘panch-tattva ‘ teknik (system of analysis)  and please go through the next paragraph.

You may understand that the five elements that are assessed are the physical strength,  the quality of management, process and product,  the trend in companies product line, in monetary policy of RBI/govt, trend of stock in question, cost effectiveness of production and the relative value of stock and lastly the room ie scope for growth for company and stock price. These have some intermixing levels and are analysed under ‘panch-tattva teknik’ by giving points that are then added up to know the relative strength. The available records and history and macro level cross currents are studied in detail and quantified for each company in question. So , please do not get distracted by the reference to ‘vedic’ and ‘panch-tattva’ like words which have been used to signify the all time relevance (by ‘vedic’ which means also pertaining to knowledge and by ‘panch-tattva’ which is to communicate that all parts have importance and create the whole body). All factors are seen at micro level in light of macro level atmosphere. In the end I request that it should not be taken as magic or child’s play. This has proved and will prove its worth when seen in light of what it delivers.


Krishna Khandelwal

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