Posted on May 19, 2007

panch-tattva/update on US Stocks

Friends, Please note the panch-tattva updated points in respect of some US leading companies against there recent prices as per the last available result. This is the first time that I am attempting to judge the US stocks as the ‘panch-tattva teknik’ which has found very convincing application in respect of the Indian stocks and … Continue reading

panch-tattva/ptpts post result

Friends, Please note the post result panch-tattva points for some companies which announced results, against closing prices on 18th May 07: TATAMOTORS @741 gets 949 pts and is only to be picked up on declines. DRREDDY @666 gets 1048 pts and you may buy it for medium term. JPASSOCIAT @671 gets 967 pts and may … Continue reading