Posted on May 31, 2007

panch-tattva/ptpts post result

Friends, Please note the post result panch-tattva points for the following companies that announced results , the closing price on 30 th May 07 is taken for reference: TATAPOWER @592 gets 924 pts and it ok to buy on declines. APARINDS @170 gets 940 pts and it may be bought on deep correction. HINDMOTOR @32 … Continue reading

panch-tattva/ ptpts post result

Friends, Please note the following post result panch-tattva points for the companies that announced their results, the price under reference is the closing price on 30th May 07: BHEL @2760 gets 939 pts and is over priced for purchase, but buy it on declines post bonus. M&M @750 gets 851 pts and may be bought … Continue reading