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Friday, October 13, 2006

pnach-tattva update

By krsna Khandelwal – A Stock Market Vedic Theory proponent



The following banking scrips have been evaluated today and you may choose to trade accordingly:


UTIBANK @916/- as on 13/10/06 gets 956 points and I would not prefer to go for this just now, however, on good discount from this level you may add it to your portfolio and review on next quarterly result.


J&KBANK @487/- as on 13/10/06 gets 1132 points and this is good for investing right away in two/ three strokes over the week and please be sure to apply stop loss at 3% and 6% adverse movement against average price of purchase for half the qty each time.


Market has again shown the tendency to behave erratically as has always been the phenomenon at the peak of indices, which have more question marks than the decisive purchases for the long/medium term. Investors have been trapped in such a scenario hence please look for values which are easily determined under the ‘Panch Tattva Teknik’. Please do not hesitate to inquire for the ‘Panch Tattva’ points for the stocks you intend to invest in or hold. Know the basic strength of the company before a decision is taken and you can contact us through email at for this information. If you are following this, you may already have the idea as to how it is practically working. Point level of ‘1000’ suggests that the price level is just right and following the strategy given in the advice is also important


Hari Om

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