Posted on October 11, 2007

panch-tattva talk

Friends, The leading indices have been going up at break neck speed and nifty has crossed the 5500 mark. In the mean time there is no news to justify the same. There is game plan underway by some influential FIIs or the like . It was a puzzle  as to what may it be. Today … Continue reading

panch-tattva/ptpts post result

CONCOR @2006/- (11/10/07) gets 675 panch-tattva points post result which do not justify purchase , those who still buy due to momentum in the stock and present frenzy may understand that rewards , if any , would still be below the cost of carrying the stock. HariOm, krsnaKhandelwal

panch-tattva/ptpts post result

INFOSYSTCH @1976/- (11/10/07) gets 971 pts and there is no risk in entering in this scrip on a regular basis as it will reward handsomely down the line particular when it will announce diversification in to othewr lines of businesses for which the time has come. HariOm, krsnaKhandelwal

panch-tattva update

PNB @ 507 (10/10/07) gets 1091 pts and may be bought for the medium term right away, however should it flare up in the current frenzy please get out. HariOm, krsnaKhandelwal