panch-tattva talk…gujrat elections and modi


Election in Gujrat are over and may be termed as one of the most peaceful with fair turnout.While too much is made out of Midi’s dictatorial attitude and pro-hindu leanings , I see Gujrat under him offering best of the opportunities to minorities to live peacefully, vote fearlessly, remain gainfully employed and practice religion comfortably than any where else in the country. If Modi has been able to put stop to anti national activities of certain muslim organisations and miscreants , why should it pain any body. Democracy flourishes in Gujrat like no where else in the country. Here people take part in politics with stomach full and think rationally without fear. I live in Ahmedabad , the capital of Gujrat and also tour extensively to north India and south of Ahemedabad . The development in Gujrat is all around and not in pockets only. The rich hail from every where in Gujrat. The govt. is supportive of trade and industry, education is nearly universal, women are liberated and add to GDP of state in a big way, every one is welcome here and is repected without distinction. The untouchability is unheard of. Modi’s tenure has given it a big confidence and progress. There is no unemployment. Necessities are available at reasonable prices and health services are affordable. It invites investment from all over the world rather lures it and rewards it. Tata, Ambanis and Premji hail from here. Modi has shown what can be achieved if the man at the helm is honest and courageous.

 The road network is very good, electricity aplenty and tele density maximum. Agriculturists are advanced. There are hardly any slums in big cities. Cultural advancement is note worthy. Next five years under Modi will make it a model state. Gujrat would be the biggest contributor to centre’s kitty. It is home to most pharma companies. The coast line is going to be anchoring maximum ships and handle most of the shipping cargo inward and out ward. The polititians from outside the state try to devide the consensus but to no avail. The low incidence of crimes is praise worthy. The policing is least here.

The state of Gujrat is home to mega plans and magnanimous implementation. This peice of writing has come out of the pen of a non-Gujrati. Hopefully the verdict will favour the deserving son of Gujrat and future mentor of India.



5 thoughts on “panch-tattva talk…gujrat elections and modi

  1. I am glad that the results of Gujrat elections ahve turned out the expected result and Narendra Modi has single handedly managed to get 117 seats out of 182. Hopefully he will preside over a clean govt. and would take the state forward and show the nation what India can achieve if politics is directed with positive attitude. He deserves to be given a chance at national level.

  2. the stage is set for fresh violence and ethnic clensing in Gujrat with the Ravana type attitude of Modi and the RSS BJP and VHP. People were denied thier right to vote and hence the minority are as always denied evrything.
    yes who is not glad. all but us the minority.

  3. Hindus attack churches on Christmas
    Hindus attack churches on Christmas By MATTHEW ROSENBERG, Associated Press Writer
    2 hours, 57 minutes ago

    NEW DELHI – Hindu extremists ransacked and burned eight rural churches in eastern India, marring Christmas celebrations in a corner of the country with a history of violence against Christians, officials said Wednesday. One person was killed in the violence.


    Authorities deployed 450 police and imposed a curfew to quell the violence in the remote district of Orissa state where the churches — most nothing more than mud-and-thatch houses — were attacked, said Bahugrahi Mahapatra, a government official.

    Six of the village churches were torched on Christmas day, and two more were attacked Wednesday along with 10 houses belonging to Christians, Mahapatra said.

    India is overwhelmingly Hindu but officially secular, a fact India’s leaders often point out. They note that religious minorities, such as Christians, who account for 2.5 percent of the country’s 1.1. billion people, and Muslims, who make up 14 percent, often coexist peacefully. Some have risen to the highest levels of government and business.

    But throughout India’s history, both communities have faced repeated attacks from hardline Hindus, with violence against Christians often directed at foreign missionaries and converts from Hinduism.

    Orissa has one of the worst histories of anti-Christian violence. In one of the most brutal incidents, an Australian missionary and his two sons, 8 and 10, where burned to death in their car following a Bible study class in 1999.

    Orissa is also the only Indian state that has a law requiring people to obtain police permission before they change their religion. The law was intended to counter missionary work.

    There were conflicting reports of what sparked the Christmas violence, with each side blaming the other. Mahapatra called the violence a “sensitive matter” and refused to discuss how it began.

    The Hindu hard-liners said Christians had attempted to attack one of their leaders, 80-year-old Laxmanananda Saraswati of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad group, who leads an anti-conversion movement.

    “When they were prevented from attacking him by his followers the Christians hit someone with an ax and one Hindu died,” Giriraj Kishore told reporters in New Delhi.

    But the New Delhi-based Catholic Bishops Conference of India said the fighting began Monday when Hindu extremists objected to a show marking Christmas Eve, believing it was designed to encourage Hindus at the bottom of the religion’s rigid caste hierarchy to convert to Christianity. Low-caste Hindus are often a target of missionaries.

    An argument over the Christmas show got out of hand and some of the Hindus opened fire on the Christians, wounding three of them, said John Dayal, a spokesman for the Bishops Conference.

    The Hindus then went on a rampage Tuesday, Christmas Day, chasing people out of six churches and setting the mud-and-thatch buildings ablaze, he said.

    Later, dozens of people from each community clashed, Dayal said. One person was killed, he added, but could not say if the dead man was a Hindu or Christian. Another 25 people were wounded, the Press Trust of India news agency said.

    Much of the ill-will in the area, about 840 miles southeast of the national capital, New Delhi, stems from anti-missionary sentiment. Some hardline Hindus are pushing for all missionaries to be expelled while Christians have challenged the conversion law in court, saying it violates India’s constitution.

  4. Zindadil (Baroda, India)
    5 hours ago ( 2007-12-26 23:53:50 )
    VHP RSS BJP “trouble in Rajasthan”
    One killed in police firing in Rajasthan

    Special Correspondent

    Trouble over alleged cow slaughter

    ————- ————————- ————————- —————–

    Six policemen hurt in the confrontation

    Prohibit ory orders have been enforced in the area

    ————— ————————- ————————- —————

    JA IPUR: One person was killed and another seriously injured when police opened fire on a crowd protesting against the alleged slaughter of a cow at Kapasan village in Chittaurgarh district of Rajasthan on Sunday. The crowd of 800 people attacked police on being prevented from storming into a Muslim-dominated locality.

    Tension was building up in the area since Friday with the villagers accusing Muslims of sacrificing a missing cow on Id-ul-Zuha. Some of the cow’s remains were reportedly found at a field belonging to a Muslim man, while the carcass was spotted in a well of Sarpanch of Usnar village, Maghulal Jat.

    Irate villagers set on fire a shop, a cabin and a motorcycle belonging to Muslims after blocking the Kapasan-Bhadsoda road and also burnt a private bus plying on the route on Saturday. Police dispersed villagers trying to attack Muslim-dominated Raghunathpura by lobbing teargas shells.

    Six policemen were injured in the confrontation with the violent crowd.

    On a call for bandh issued by Vishwa Hindu Parisahd and Bajrang Dal on Sunday to protest against the alleged cow slaughter, villagers assembled on the main road again and proceeded towards Raghunathpura. They hurled stones on police personnel trying to disperse them.

    Police first used tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse the agitated mob raising provocative slogans and demanding that Muslims be driven out of the village. Police sources said a policeman surrounded by the crowd fired “in self-defence” that left two persons injured.

    While one of the injured succumbed on way to the hospital, the other was stated to be in a serious condition and was being treated in a hospital at Sanwaliaji.

    Extra police force from Udaipur was deployed in Kapasan to bring the situation under control.

    Prohibitory orders have been enforced in the region with the situation still described as tense. On the demand of villagers, police searched some houses in Raghunathpura and claimed to have seized a few weapons. While six persons were arrested on charges of arson, some “suspects” were also detained in Raghunathpura.

  5. I would be first person to denounce the Modi Govt. if any thing against the minorities happens at the behest of govt. , covertly or overtly. In fact the pseudo atiitude of other parties is not likable. Why should the govt. at centre not put its secret services at finding out if any thing sinful is designed by the hindu extremists and their linkages. Only putting blames in an irresponsible manner is some thing more disgusting. What is happenning out side Gujarat may not be seen as some thing done by Modis’ team. There are reports Modi is despised by the so called hindu outfits and this only reduces the chances of any Hindu oriented politics being successful. I think first of all we should not allow asking of votes in name of castes and religion. Why not make it an offence to mention caste and religion while public speeches are made. If religious polarisation is bad , it was bad before the partition and now the demand should be made for the unification of all the three nations of the earstwhile India or Hindustan or call it by whatver name. My heart would bleed as much as any other for any thing unjust happenning to any section of society. My main idea in supporting Modis’ governance is because of honesty and failiure in takling mass histeria is a debatable issue and evn Nehru and Gandhi could not contain it at some time in history.

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