panch-tattva talk…some good companies


Please have a look at the financial position of the following companies:

Bajajhind : 52 W High Rs399 Low Rs 82

Capital Rs14.14 crs Reserve Rs 1420 crs

Sales 07-08  Rs 1743 crs PAT Rs 45 crs
Sales 06-07  Rs 1486 crs PAT Rs 191 crs
Sales 05-06  Rs 900 crs   PAT Rs 140 crs

Crushing capacity 100000 tonnes/per day (this will require Rs3500 crs
to put up today.)

Blarampurchini: 52 W High 127 Low 58

Capital Rs 24.82 crs Reserves Rs839 crs

Sales 06-07 Rs1401 crs PAT Rs (-)42 crs
        05-06 Rs1905 crs PAT Rs 291 crs (18 months)
       04-05  Rs 816 crs  PAT Rs 125 crs

Capacity 70000 tonnes/per day (present cost Rs 2300 crs )

(Sugar prices have improved to Rs18/kg in four month from Rs14/kg ,
new sugar season will commence in a month)
Prismcement: 52 W High 79 Low 21

Capital Rs 298 crs Reserves Rs 319 crs

Sales 07-08 Rs 892 crs PAT Rs 241 crs
        06-07 Rs 771 crs PAT Rs 192 crs
        05-06 Rs 573 crs PAT Rs  62 crs
Birlacorpn : 52 W High 385 Low 108

Capital Rs 77 crs Reserves 919 crs

Sales 07-08 Rs 1763 crs PAT Rs 393 crs
        06-07 Rs 1593 crs PAT Rs 326 crs
        05-06 Rs1228 crs  PAT Rs 125 crs

Ultratechcement : 52 W High 1165 Low 442

Capital Rs 124.49 crs Reserves Rs 2572 crs

Sales 07-08 Rs 5609 crs PAT Rs 1006 crs
        06-07 Rs 4972 crs PAT Rs 1166 crs
        05-06 Rs 3336 crs PAT Rs  229 crs

SAIL : 52 W High 293 Low 108

Capital Rs 4130 crs Reserves Rs 18933 crs

Sales 07-08 Rs 41517 crs  PAT Rs 7536 crs
        06-07 Rs 35865 crs  PAT Rs 6202 crs
        05-06 Rs 29311 crs  PAT Rs 4012 crs

All these companies are old and established companies and are leaders
in their field. They are highly traded and liquid companies, have FII
holding , have good managements, good plant locations and are nearly
at their low points due to agressive FII liquidation. From these
angles they should be recovering fast. Their product demand will never
go down, they will not face competition from outside, new players will
have much higher cost of production, they have very less of borrowing
and have incresed capacities out of own generated funds and are low
cost producer with assured raw-material sources.

I hope you will find above informative and convincing.




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