Posted on October 10, 2008

panch-tattva talk… bank deposits

Friends, The banks deposits have grown by 19.8 pc and the bank advances have grown by 24.8 pc (YoY). The inflation number for latest week declared at 11.8 pc. The IIP number for Aug is just up 1.3 pc. Crude prices go down to 82 dollars/bbl. The banking stock trading way down in European markets … Continue reading

panch-tattva talk…tatasteel

Friends,   Please note some numbers cncerning Tatasteel.:   Capital: Rs 731 crs Reseves Rs 21097 crs CMP(101008) Rs 287   It has sold steel worth Rs 20028 crs (07-08), Rs 17985 (06-07) and Rs15394 crs (05-06) in last three years.   Its has earned post tax profits of Rs 4687 crs, Rs4222 crs and … Continue reading

panch-tattva talk…CRR cut by 1.5%

  Friends,   This is the first time probably that the RBI has acted on an emergengy basis and has declared the lowering of the CRR cut by 150 basis points realising the the situation. This will release a sum of Rs 60000 crs in to system. Now it is expected that RBI will not … Continue reading