Posted on October 24, 2008

panch-tattva talk…RBI jolts market

Friends, RBI has not met expectations of markets and India saw one of the worst downfalls and Nifty closed down 359 at 2520 pts . There was no further release of money into market by RBI while it was observed by RBI that Indian economy is on track. The other markets did not help either … Continue reading

panch-tattva/post resullt

MADRASCEM @75 (231008) gets 1417 panch-tattva poiints and may be bought for long term. PUNJLLOYD @164 (231008) gets 960 panch-tattva points and this should be bought on declines for long term. STER (231008) gets 1354 panch-tattva points and it should be bought for long term. GAIL @224 (231008) gets 1203 panch-tattva points and it should … Continue reading

panch-tattva talk…greenspan speaks

Friends, Former US Fed Chief spoke yesterday that he never estimated that the crisis will be so big. He said that while he had some idea about that there is overplay but could not fathom the depth of it. In hind sight it may seem that some thing could have been or should have been … Continue reading