Posted on October 25, 2008

panch-tattva/post result

TATASTEEL @178 (241008) gets 1516 panch-tattva points and is very good to buy. NTPC @130 (241008) gets 933 panch-tattva points and you may accumulate it over time for long term. BHEL @1099 (241008) gets 822 panch-tattva points and should be bought as a second choice on down days only. MARUTI @538 (241008) gets 868 panch-tattva … Continue reading

panch-tattva talk…bernanke initiative

Friends, Bernanke’s team may announce lowering of bench-mark rate to 1pc , it will be lowest since May 2004. His other tools would be to purchasing securities directly from treasury and that way injecting a dose of cash in to economy. Fed balance sheet size will grow at good pace as it has been lending … Continue reading