Posted in December 2008

panch_tattva talk…the bulls pervade

Friends, The year has had tumultuous run. Most watchers have been aghast at the turn of events. I ,for one, wondered most at the extent of influence of USA’s troubles on the rest of the world. The only encouraging sign was the level of commitment and concern shown by the world’s various govts. All govts … Continue reading

panch-tattva talk…the year 2008

Friends, The year 2008 is nearing end and has taught many a lessons to govts, the bankers, the industrialists and most of all the investors. What has been proved beyond doubt is the importance of role of money supply and credit availability in ensuring the smooth running of economic activity . It is , in … Continue reading

panch-tattva talk…mathod in madness

Friends, I have noticed and you may have also. There have been a fully blown smear campaign against some managements/some groups , one after the other in a manner that can only suggest that it is organised by some quarters and on purpose. It was the case concerning affairs of ICICI Bank , Unitech , … Continue reading

panch-tattva talk…the equity advantage

Friends, We calculate the nominal return on equity on post tax basis while we talk of yield on debt funds on pre-tax basis, clearly equal nominal returns would be preferable. The equity-advantage does not end here. Consider the folloing which reflects return on Sensex in each decade since 1980 till now: 1980-90…+25pc p.a. 1990-00…+30pc p.a. … Continue reading

panch-tattva talk…rally snapped

Friends, The rally in Indian markets was snapped yesterday and Nifty closed down by 87 pts at 2954. This has happened due to losses in stocks which had gone up by wide margin quickly over the last fortnight and hence is not representative of any new weakness coming . The DOW also lost some ground … Continue reading

panch-tattva talk…hell bent

Friends, The US FED has in its latest move brought down the interest rates to target range of 0-0.25pc. It is now clear that the FED was hell bent to see the economy skips the woes of recession. The resultant market action has seen the DOW jump up by over 4pc to 8924 points. This … Continue reading

panch-tattva talk…home loans cheaper

Friends, The banks have announced that home loans upto Rs 5 lacs will attract interest at the rate of 8.5pc and for loans upto Rs 20 lacs it will be 9pc. Banks have clerified that processing charges etc will not be applied to these loans. This is good turn for the small borrowers but banks … Continue reading

panch-tattva talk…double your money

Friends, The Asian markets have dramatically moved up this morning on back of some downward revision of benchmark interest rate by Taiwan and Korea. This will surely see Indian markets opening gap up. Now, I give you, the small investor to have best returns under a strategic plan.It is seen that when the rest of … Continue reading

panch-tattva talk…stock prices to firm up

Friends, During past few weeks I told you that none of the sector has room for further erosion in stock values and also told that Manmohan’s relief measures would see stocks jump between 10 to 20pc. To my satisfaction the representative stocks belonging to the respective sectors have in fact shown prices moving up during … Continue reading