Posted on January 21, 2009

panch-tattva/post result…indianb,wipro,drreddy

INDIANB @124 (210109) gets 1267 panch-tattva points and should be bought for medium term. WIPRO @219 (210109) gets 983 panch-tattva points and don’t miss out buying this on dips for medium term. DRREDDY @467 (200109) gets 943 panch-tattva points and may be bought for long term in a few strokes.

panch-tattva talk…sugar prices high, shares poor

Friends, Paradoxically today, the sugar scrips have lost ground under leadership of ‘bajajhind’ while today itself the Sugar(Medium Grde) prices in Delhi moved up. Surprisingly the sugar prices have firmed up by huge 10% in north India (since 1st Jan 2009) while they have improved in varyig degrees in rest of the centres in south … Continue reading