Posted on June 30, 2009


TATAMOTORS @290 (300609) gets 967 panch-tattva points and it will be OK to buy it in range of 250-270 for long term. SUZLON @103 (300609) gets 854 panch-tattva points and it should be sold on surges if in stock, for buying wait till next result. INFOSYSTCH @1776 (300609) gets 1036 panch-tattva points andthis may be … Continue reading

panch-tattva talk…low open interest

Friends, This is a crucial juncture for the markets and surprisingly the open interest in Futures and Options is very low. It is just 2.26 crs in Nifty Futures and 4.75 crs in Nifty Options, in case of stocks it is 105.91 crs/9.52crs for futures/options. This indicates that the option writers are wary of writing … Continue reading