panch-tattva…understand it


Many of my readers get confused when they find that while stocks get different ‘panch-tattva points’ , the strategy given is not entirely in consistency of the point level or on the expected line.

It is right that the points level largely denotes the strength of the scrip at the given price level but this is not to be taken as final cue for the purpose of trading/investing in the stock.

You should in fact be following the strategy given in its entirety, also you should be observing the other discipline of keeping the stop loss in mind.

If you do this you will have benefit all the way i e that you would not suffer on account of sudden emerging weakness in a stock and you would stay in stocks which gather further boost on account of freshly developing favorable situation, specific to stock and in general.

The money released, if and when a stop loss makes you move out of the any particular stock, will enable you to enter another stock with still more promise.

In a flowing stream of the stock world, you should have as many profitable dips as possible, is the whole idea of the site.

It also prepares and strengthens your mind about the prevailing environment through continuous coverage of events, changes and commentary about the concerned matters. Please be regular and interact with me as and when you have any doubt and you will have rewards flowing your way.


P.S. W.E.F. 24/02/12 you will have straight recommendation to  be acted upon and the heading will be the same as the stock under reference along with the price on the prevailing date. This will make search for history of recommendations easy. The category ‘panch-tattva/post result’ will cover the recommendations immediately after the result announcement and ‘panch-tattva/update’ will cover the recommendation in the interim period.



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