panch-tattva talk…as if nothing happened


The world’s most markets have gone or down within plus/minus 15pc over the year. MSCI World Index shows a loss of 8.78pc while it stands at 1119.23 now. Would you ever expect for such balanced change in value after the kind of upheaval experienced during past twelve months. The lesson to be learnt is that time is best healer and nonthing of extraordinery nature keep happening in a single direction. The equity investor should particularly know that if they have invested in a company with honest,experienced and competent management, they may sit pretty for a long long time and get out at an opportune time of their choosing.

Now while I have suggested above is true, it is also of some importance that you do not keep all eggs in one basket ie some diversified investment portfolio is importent too. This emanates from the fact that some sectors have performed superbly over the year but some have been laggards. Its not this has come as a surprise, in fact even a slight attention to the news flow and logical deductions would have indicated to you the the strengths and weaknesses developing in different sectors. To incorporate necessary changes in light of this knowledge would not have been too much of a task for any body.

Our guidance under ‘panch-tattva/post result’ after every quarterly results makes the task much easier and may be relied upon. Just have a look at the past history of such reocmmendations in respect of scrips of your interest and you will know what in fact it is capable of delivering to you.


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