panch-tattva talk…pseudoism at play


I was thrilled at the propagation of the idea of austarity in ministerial spending. But the idea to travel by train and require spending of a far higher amount by way of security arrangement and spending far more public time in travel is some thing not digestible. Even economy class travel is not in right spirit for the similar reasons. But the stress on travel by such means is being preferred because it makes news.

There has been no announcement that the ministers would not live big properties which require far more for securing it. If the ministers live in smaller quarters in a single compound, the security would be more easily and less expansively available.

They would not have to travel with a motorcade just when they require to meet each other. The cabinet ministers, state ministers and other ministers may be housed in saperate compounds with all top class communication facilities and secretarial staff and common facilities for security check of the visitors and for meeting of ministers with them.

Apart from this a major part of cost to exchequer comes from the spending by the family/for the family, the bills of which are footed by the govt.. The real austarity measure would come by putting ceiling on such spending.

I think any ministerial collegue suggesting this would be shown the door at the very next opportunity, while the ones who have not appreciated the austarity advice kindly,like Tharoor, have not been meted out the same fate.

The Govt of USA had provided a relief of the order of $45 billion to Citigroup. The great relief is that the stake now values at $52 billion but not exactly encashable right now.

The Asia has opened better after the DOW’s steller performance last day, the Nifty is trading a ted lower than the 5000 mile stone. I have an inkling that there may be a sudden snapping of the advancing line. This may happen after the Europe fails to carry the march ahead this afternoon. It has been a contagian effect all over and basics have yet to catch up.


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