Back At Cross Roads

It has been a long while since I have come back here to address you. I must admit this has been a lapse on my part ,however, I have been in touch with you through other blogs namely , and there was too which happens not to be in existence just now because it became an affair in many hands and naturally did not have a devoted nurturer’s attention.

Besides I have in mind to fill the yawning gap since Oct 2009 by bringing back the posts etc that appeared on other places so that those of you have been visiting my blogs with academic interest are not disappointed.

Let us now look at the markets today and what has been giving it fillip of the kind it had since last 8 weeks during which it added not less 1000 points to close in the vicinity of 5600. This may have sounded too strange or too strong a move to some but not to me.It was due to my estimate that the values of Indian companies had no room for fall after the low levels that were touched in last six months. But, at the same time, I would say that any such strong rally beyond now in such reckless manner would put me off a little bit , on two counts.

Firstly the political scenario is not perfect for further rally and secondly the EU related problem have been dealt with but may erupt back again. So the prudence demands that we remain only half invested at the moment and watch developments keenly.



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