Railway Minister Would Resign?

The Railway Minister Dinesh Trivedi earlier presented Railway Budget for 2012-13 and earned wrath of his party chief Ms Mamata Banerjee for raising rail fares defying the party’s line on the issue. Now the party wishes him to resign but the minister says that he would do so when specifically instructed by either the party or PM . He now says that he would be resigning only when given in writing asking for it.

Some interesting aspects turn out to this whole affair. The minister has not committed any crime against the people of India , rather he has done something that takes care of dire need of the organization that he is responsible for. The he hasn’t simply played to the gallery as per the whims of party chief and that is something he ought to do as a cabinet member. He hasn’t ignored the instructions of the head of the Govt .  He has in fact beautifully stood his ground for doing the right thing and is ready to fall in line of discipline but in manner of his choosing .

Now , if the instructions have to come from Mamta , it has to spell out the reasons for advising for resignation or be silent about the same. The minister may ask for specific reason for the direction if the same is missing. In case the reason is spelled out , it will throw a very bad light on the coalition govt’s working. Secondly , the minister may still remain a minister if the PM wants him to stay as he can choose even an ordinary citizen to be a minister for minimum of six month even if he is not an elected member of the house. If Mamta and Congress are going to fall apart , Congress may choose to retain the minister and offend Mamta.

What ever happens, Trivedi has shown grit and also proclaimed that he stands for the people’s welfare whatever be the pressures. Let us see what ultimately unfolds.



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