Posted in April 2012

BANKINDIA @352 on 30/04/12

Bank of India may be retained and added for long term…1153/14.41 Bankindia @367 on 13/04/12 You may buy this for medium/long term…ref 1183/14.18 (those who want to book profits between now and next advice may do so otherwise long term allows to stick till next advice)  

JINDALSTEL @486 on 28/04/12

You may buy this for long term now…ref1123/10.71 Previous Advice: JINDALSTEL @536 on 07/03/12 You may buy this for long term…ref 1131 ;723/435;5220 (This slid back by 10% against Nifty since our last advice , meaning thereby that you are out of this at around 512/- (see advice regarding keeping stop-loss). Now is the opportunity to … Continue reading

MARUTI @1399 on 28/04/12

You may start accumulating this on dips for medium/long term…ref995/3.72   For almost a year we have advised to remain out of this. Since our advice on 09/03/12 @1340 to sell off , Maruti did slide back up to 1254/-  on 10th April 2012. But now you have been advised to accumulate  for medium/long term … Continue reading

BoJ Supplies Lot of Yen

The Bank of Japan has announced program to buy assets worth 10 trillion Yen . This is big move and yen naturally will seek lower levels.   I wonder whether there would be any stop to diluting currency values around the world. Who wins and who loses in this game of making currencies lose value? … Continue reading

AXISBANK @1123 on 28/04/12

You may buy Axis Bank for long term…ref1060/4.62 Previous Advice: Axisbank @1120 on 27/02/12 You may retain and add some more for long term, obtain fresh advice after next quarterly result. (ref 991/1460/1150/5300)