The Army Protocol

There has been a lot of discussion on TV and other media about some issues concerning the present Chief of Army, Govt’s attitude towards the issues raised by him and the rot in the system regarding the procurement for the army. The seriousness of the whole affair lies in the fact that even the  movement of troops for the sake of exercises has been brought into sphere of doubt and as an attempt at pressurizing the govt . The orchestration about many things which have been there for a long time has been done in a manner that reeks of some big hands behind it.  There has been report of discomfiture of the govt regarding events after the general’s age issue took an unholy turn. The govt hasn’t been smart enough to placate the rousing opinion of the public at large at this naked attempt of arm lobbies and the rogue bureaucrats to create an atmosphere of distrust between the govt and army.

the public wants answer to the questions rising in its mind that :

a) whether there is any fire too if there is smoke.

b) is it likely that India too can go the way other democracies in the world have gone.

c) is the procurement for the army is in such bad shape as to affect the defense preparedness.

d) is it impossible for the arms/equipment  suppliers to avoid the middlemen under the system of procurement prevalent .

e) is there no thought given to correct the system by the political bosses.

f) can the morale of the army be maintained in spite of all that is in the atmosphere and in spite of learning that those in front line will be more exposed to dangers from the enemy and less protected besides losing the edge in the war which is yet to be fought, if the procurement of right items is not done at cheapest cost and minimum time with an assured quality.

h) is it not for the army-men to look into any aspect of weakness displayed by the system but only bow down to authority of govt which itself is exercised by much lesser men than themselves who do not even have permanent stake .

i) is the constitution too tilted in ensuring army to remain subservient to govt without being in a position to bring to notice of the govt some stark need for improvement.

j) do we have to suffer humiliation one more time of the kind we once suffered.

I think that this is time when we have fractured polity and hostile atmosphere that some serious re-thinking is done. I wonder that what  sequence of events was once responsible for the change of govt at center , the same type of events would do it another time. Those in charge of country’s affairs today are the heirs of the same person who lost face then. Its our good luck that the army chief has been rated by the ex-army-men as somebody of impeccable character and high competence.














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