Posted on May 8, 2012

KOTAKBANK @554 on 08/05/12 (#NSE #BSE)

You may have been out of this as per this last advice at good profit for yourself as it scaled up to 603/- since 07/03/12. You may now remain out of it for the time being…ref940/9.92 KOTAKBANK @552 on 07/03/12 You may book profits on surges till next result/advice…ref 971;584/402;5220 Note: “Book profits on surges’ means … Continue reading

VIJAYABANK @54 on 08/05/12 (#NSE #BSE)

You may accumulate for medium term…ref1153/92.59 Note: ‘accmulate’  means that you buy it over time in five strokes at different rates while ‘accumulate on dips’  will require you to buy it when the opening price is below last days but again over a period of time.  You may refer to the top post on blog … Continue reading

BOSCHLTD @8775 on 07/05/12 (#NSE #BSE)

You should retain this for medium/long term i e those who wish to book profits on surges may do so…1024/0.58 . Our previous advice on 12/04/12 @8524 was for retaining/adding more for long term.