Its The Girl Child Or The Ratio #SexRatio #GirlChild

Aamir Khan has been praised for his presentation under ‘Satyamev Jayate’ program on TV for taking up the cause of saving the girl child and not letting the sex ratio be distorted in society which in turn brings about many other distortions.

I just wonder whether we are objecting to abortion after identifying that it is a girl child that is in the womb only because it will distort the ratio of boys to girls. Would we not mind it if the ratio was as per our liking? We have to first look within whether it is love for the girl child in the first place or some thing else.

We allow for abortions generally considering it to benefit the society by keeping the population under control , so , if the population control happens we would not mind abortions. This is in a way admitting that there is no love for life in the womb. But this attitude will always make us uncaring for the girl child because the lesser number of girls will ensure lesser population.

Now , if this argument is further extended than the abortion or other means of restricting child birth has distorted the ratio of younger people  and older people in the societies around the world but no body has come up with restricting the right to restrict the births. Wouldn’t it be necessary to do it at some stage.

A further angle to the whole thing is that the govts  propagate and encourage the attempts to keep the population in check. For this the abortion is allowed . Would at some stage it will be thought fit to let only those live who are productive and rest eliminated. Will at some stage those nations who have lesser growth in population put pressure on the other nations to restrict their population as otherwise they would feel threatened.

It seems that human existence has become slave to very many laws which are in conflict with natural flows and when a plausible goal is attempted to be achieved through newer set of rules and laws it gives rise to some unethical out come too.

I am all for saving the girl child in mothers’ womb as also afterwards but I think some how we should think of not letting abortions be a legal practice. This may seem to be rather far-fetched but ultimately life has to be respected at every stage. Let us put our minds to finding ways to do it including the care of feeding the hungry.

Population policies are a serious matter and should be holistic and universally applicable around the world without national barriers as the world is integrating fast and movements have become possible in all places from all places.



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