A Solution For Greek Problem #Greece

The Greek problem is keeping the world’s financial markets on tenterhooks for a long time already and with a possibility of extending far in to future which is bad for everybody. A solution has to be found after all and it should have the minimal impact on all stake holders. I suggest the following to take care of it :


-the outstanding Greek sovereign debt may be made redeemable over the next one hundred years at the rate of 1% every year.

-it should carry coupon rate of 1% per annum.

-the debt redemption as well as interest should be guaranteed by all 17 nation in Eurozone in ratio of their respective GDPs .

-the trading in the such debt paper should be stopped , however, a suitable advance against the receivables may be made to needy by the lender on a temporary basis.

-the ownership of such paper should be allowed to be transferred between two entities in discharge of financial obligation on a basis of mutual understanding.

-necessary curbs and restrictions should be allowed to be imposed on Greek govt by rest as may be in their power even without Greece agreeing to them but only in case Greece has more than three years discharge obligation pending. As soon as it is able to bring it back to under three years , the restrictions should be revoked.


I think some thing on the above line may spread the impact equitably and over time without room for speculation about the eventual happenings. If part of the burden is acceptable to world organizations against certain dos and don’ts committed by the Eurozone nations then it should be welcomed.















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