Posted in June 2012

RBI Overly Cautious

The RBI has proved to be party spoiler once again. They have left all ratios unchanged in their latest review on 18th June 2012. This  would be unnerving the govt as Pranab Da had just been saying that the rates hopefully brought down.   The markets tanked and Nifty closed at 5064 losing 74 points … Continue reading

Rebound Happens #Nifty #Sensex

The world’s markets have shown encouraging signs and our Nity has rebounded with gain of 84 points to closed at 5139 while Sensex closed with gain of 270 to close at 16949 . Again we get an endorsement that the world’s other markets are influencing the local market and the inflation figure of 7.55% growth … Continue reading

Sympathy Mode #Nifty #Sensex

The Nifty closed lower by over a percent to close at 5054 and Sensex closed at 16627 (-202 pts).  Some would think that the inflation growth at@7.55%  for May month may have been the reason behind poor performance but I have reason to believe that the world markets have had an influence for the decline. … Continue reading

Auto Sales In May

The IIP of April 2012 may have been up at just 0.01 % (YoY) growth but the auto sales numbers in May tell us something else.  The car sales have grown just 3% at 1.63 lac, Motorcycles have registered 7% growth , scooters however have shown remarkable growth of 34% at 2.35 lac.   The … Continue reading

Spain’s Banks Get Help

The Spanish banks would be helped with $125 billion kitty but the whole road map is still not there. The remedy for a long time existing sickness can not be instant but it will work as a pain reliever. I think the Europe’s problem can only be dealt with in this piecemeal fashion and  by … Continue reading

Capital For India Inc

The following post appeared on on 29th Dec 2009 and is being reproduced here. The Manmohan Singh Govt has faltered since then and we see the result as bad for markets and economy. The moot point is that capital raising is the important thing for India’s economy and should be encouraged. Tinkering with interest … Continue reading

Panch Tattva Wisdom

“Discipline yourself to work and strive without the shackles of likes and dislikes, love and hatred, joy and sorrow. These come and go, ignore them with mere side glance .”…..Swami Chinmayanandji Maharaj You should apply this towards your own trading and investment attitude. You should not like or dislike companies, you should not get perturbed … Continue reading

Market Upbeat #Nifty #Sensex

The Nifty closed at 5068 today after seeing fall below 5000 at one stage. The Prime Ministers remarks recently have changed the mood as also the Greek issue’s shadow on the horizon  getting smaller. What should we expect the markets to do in next month or two when the results for the 1st quarter will … Continue reading

The Nifty’s Advance : Right or Wrong #Markets

This week has shown the Nifty in its true colors. I have to request you to please read the post titled ‘Should There Be Further Fall’  (posted on 15th May 2012) for a better understanding about the back ground. The words there have been quite impregnated with scenario unfolding now.   There are still some people who that … Continue reading