Posted on July 25, 2012

Ramayan Shat Koti Apaara

Jai Sri Ram Goswami Tulsidas Ji Maharaj ko naman . Aaj Tulsi Jayanti ka shubh din hai. Meri iccha hai ki unke amulya granth Ram Charit Manas jo ki Ramayan bhi kahi jaati uske mahatva ki charcha karun.   Vastav mein Ram Katha ka ek etihaasik kathanak se kahin adhik mahatva hai. Aisa nahin hai … Continue reading

JINDALSTEL @395 on 23/07/12 #BSE #NSE

You may stay out of this for time being…783:12.93 . Note: Pl look at previous advice, it has under-performed the index by a greater margin than prescribed limit hence you have been out of this . This has some new adverse developments recently, the stop-loss discipline takes care of such eventualities. Previous Advice:   JINDALSTEL … Continue reading

HCLTECH @513 on 25/07/12 #BSE #NSE

You may start accumulating this for medium term…ref 960:9.96 . Previous Advice:   HCLTECH @494 on 18/04/12   You may now sell it on surges to book profits in a few strokes and wait for next advice for further action…ref996/16.78 Previous Advice: HCLTECH @482 on 05/03/12   You may retain this and add more for long term … Continue reading

POWERGRID @110 on 25/07/12 #NSE #BSE

You may retain and add more of this for long term…ref 1313:46.45 . Note: this has been quite steady and has even outperformed sthe Nifty since our last advice to buy. Previous Advice:   POWERGRID @110 on 09/03/12   You may retain this and add more for long term…ref…1273;115/93;5330