JINDALSTEL @395 on 23/07/12 #BSE #NSE

You may stay out of this for time being…783:12.93 .

Note: Pl look at previous advice, it has under-performed the index by a greater margin than prescribed limit hence you have been out of this . This has some new adverse developments recently, the stop-loss discipline takes care of such eventualities.

Previous Advice:


JINDALSTEL @486 on 28/04/12

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You may buy this for long term now…ref1123/10.71

Previous Advice:


JINDALSTEL @536 on 07/03/12


You may buy this for long term…ref 1131 ;723/435;5220

(This slid back by 10% against Nifty since our last advice , meaning thereby that you are out of this at around 512/- (see advice regarding keeping stop-loss). Now is the opportunity to get back into this for long term albeit at lower point.)

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