NTPC @153 on 27/07/12 #BSE #NSE #Nifty

You may retain this and add more for long term…ref 1030/32.33 .

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NTPC @149 on 10/05/12 #NSE #BSE #Nifty

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You may buy NTPC at current prices for long term…ref 1004/33.32 .

Note: You may have already been out of this as per stop-loss application for which the trigger was the announcement that Coal India would pass on burden if imported coal at high prices. This should not have caused this much damage to price and hence you must celebrate it by buying the desired quantity for long term. This item retains its appeal as per our system of analysis. NTPC has a unique status and will keep growing business. It commands robust book value of above Rs 80 per share. Its PAT is now hefty Rs 9814 crs as against Rs 6898 crs in 2007 while its price is lower than in 2007. Next round of surge in profitability would see it surpass all time high price. Such businesses take time to build up and should not be subjected to such price treatment without any discernible immediate threat . This should be taken as an opportunity to buy into this rather have fear gripping mind. All this is meant for the equity inclined investor. There is much more that has gone into before advising about the stock but naturally all can not be told here neither you would have all the time in world to read it all. Suffice is to say that we have very scientific and reliable system and you should be taking advantage of the same. You are welcome to interact with me at your will.

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