Posted on July 28, 2012

BANKINDIA @291 on 27/07/12 #NSE #BSE

You had reason to apply stop-loss after our previous advice but now it has come down pretty much and may be bought back for medium/long term…ref 1264/17.52 .   BANKINDIA @352 on 30/04/12   Bank of India may be retained and added for long term…1153/14.41 Bankindia @367 on 13/04/12 You may buy this for medium/long term…ref 1183/14.18 … Continue reading

IDEA @80 on 27/07/12 #NSE #BSE

You may retain it for long term, you would have accumulated it on dips after the last advice as it gave you this opportunity…ref 928/63.75 . Previous Advice:   Idea @83 on 26/04/12   You may accumulate Idea on dips for long term…ref872/62.51

AMBUJACEM @181 on 27/07/12 #BSE #NSE #Nifty

You may retain this for long term, those who don’t have may accumulate…ref 1088/28.17 . Previous Advice:   AMBUJACEM @159 on 24/02/12   You may retain and add some more for long term. Obtain fresh advice after the next quarterly result. Hariom, krsnaKhandelwal