MARUTI @1119 on 30/07/12 #NSE #BSE #Nifty

You may retain this for long term after accumulating this for long term as per the last advice, those who don’t have this may accumulate now…ref 962/4.64 .

Previous Advice:


MARUTI @1399 on 28/04/12

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You may start accumulating this on dips for medium/long term…ref995/3.72


For almost a year we have advised to remain out of this. Since our advice on 09/03/12 @1340 to sell off , Maruti did slide back up to 1254/-  on 10th April 2012. But now you have been advised to accumulate  for medium/long term i e those who wish to book profits till next advice may do so otherwise its Okay to carry it till next advice.


In our system, we naturally keep to in safe waters and never let a big time opportunity slip out hands. You have no excessive worry about tracking prices and scope of reducing your cost of acquisition . You are welcome to have benefit advice for scrips other than we freely give here .

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