Posted in August 2012

NMDC @193 on 28/08/12 #BSE #NSE

You may retain/add this for medium/long term…ref1329/27.64 . Previous Advice: NMDC @167 on 28/05/12 #NSE #BSE You buy NMDC for medium term i e you may sell it profit before the next advice and there will be a chance for it…1314/29.94

IDFC @142 on 23/08/12 #NSE #BSE

You may retain this as well as may book profits on surges in part…ref 1362/38.13 . Previous Advice:   IDFC @114 on 09/05/12 #NSE #BSE #Nifty This entry was posted on May 9, 2012, in panch-tattva/post result, Uncategorized and tagged 0312, advice, buy, IDFC. Bookmark the permalink. Leave a comment (Edit)       You may … Continue reading

This Is Relevant Even Today

The following piece appeared more than four years back but seems relevant even today without a word changed: Friday 18 April 2008 Markt Matrix – Transport System in Metro Cities of India By krsna Khandelwal – A veteran market analyst Friends, It is bankruptcies of ideas of govt. and its advisers that they have not … Continue reading

ASHOKLEY @22 on 17/08/12 #BSE #NSE

You may have had to sell it off under stop-loss discipline after the last advice, you may now buy this back for long term…ref 1008/243.90 . Previous Advice:   ASHOKLEY @26 on 14/05/12 #NSE #BSE This entry was posted on May 14, 2012, in panch-tattva/post result, Uncategorized and tagged 0312, ashokley, auto. Bookmark the permalink. Leave … Continue reading

AXISBANK @1110 on 17/08/12 #NSE #BSE

You may retain this but not add for long term…ref 991/4.83 . Previous Advice:   AXISBANK @1123 on 28/04/12   You may buy Axis Bank for long term…ref1060/4.62 Previous Advice: Axisbank @1120 on 27/02/12 You may retain and add some more for long term, obtain fresh advice after next quarterly result. (ref 991/1460/1150/5300)