Lupin @562 on 23/10/12 #NSE #BSE #Nifty

It is time now to start accumulating now for long term…ref988/10.12 .

P.S. Lupin touched high of 620/- since last advice and you may have sold as per advice.

LUPIN @590 on 30/07/12

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You may have sold this on surges as per last advice as it went up to 540/- and then came down to 512/- giving you an opportunity to buy back which was also the part of advice. Now you may sell this again on surges and wait for next advice…ref 987/8.81 .

Previous Advice:


LUPIN @522 on 10/05/12 #NSE #BSE


Lupin may be sold on surges and bought back upon some correction later on or wait till next advice…929/9.51

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