Bankindia @279 on 29/10/12 #BSE #NSE

You may have surely got out of this one as per the system to apply stop loss on under performance against indices albeit at some profit as did go upto 305/- in the mean time and its Ok to be covering back the sold quantity for medium term…ref1157/20.30 .

Previous Advice:

BANKINDIA @291 on 27/07/12 #NSE #BSE

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You had reason to apply stop-loss after our previous advice but now it has come down pretty much and may be bought back for medium/long term…ref 1264/17.52 .


BANKINDIA @352 on 30/04/12


Bank of India may be retained and added for long term…1153/14.41 Bankindia @367 on 13/04/12 You may buy this for medium/long term…ref 1183/14.18 (those who want to book profits between now and next advice may do so otherwise long term allows to stick till next advice)

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