Fund Swithing Advice to My ULIP Holders

Dear Policy Holders,

Wish you a very happy Diwali.

I also take this occasion to suggest by way of fund switching advice in respect of the policy funds held by you. There has a very turbulent year gone by. The political development as well as economic and financial developments, here and abroad, have been quite unnerving but by God ‘s grace those who have been following the advice coming to you through this site has kept you in good stead. Its time to be slightly bolder now for decent gains in coming two years or so. I would now suggest the following:

-the aggressive amongst you may now keep switch 80% of fund in to Growth Fund/Equity Fund and rest in Secured Fund.

-the moderates require it to maintin in ratio of 60% in Growth/Equity Funds and 40% in Secured/Stable Funds.

-the conservative and older people should be staying in Growth/Equity Funds to the extent of 40% and rest in Secured/Stable Funds.

You may have noticed that markets in India have shown pretty good strength at lower levels, in this light we may expect that down ward pressure from this level of markets will be only limited.

Wishing you all best,

Krishnakumar khandelwal

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