Reality of Indian Vote Bank Politics

Indian masses have always been in history at the mercy of the upper class, Gandhi and Nehru showed them true concern for their welfare and they got sold. The upper classes are now back to their old ways of thriving once again themselves by taking away due share from those masses but the realization of this hasn’t dawned on them. The youth and the penetration of TV in interiors of India will change the scenario but again the representatives of the under-classes have not still become the reporters and anchors making it a slow process. The intricacies of law and economics is difficult to understand for the masses and they remain awe-stuck by the faze of it all. Modi and Nitish like people who come from humble background and have won the hearts of people by the developmental work are keeping people related to themselves and are successful politicians. The trend should catch up and would, if only this ilk of leaders will see eye to eye…HariOm.

Krishna Khandelwal

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