An Arab type of uprising here?

It will never be an Arab or French or Russian uprising here. It will be Indian uprising because the society here is made of different cultural, economic, religious and spiritual ingredients which have made it a far more rational and strong society which includes all people of all religions but with a similar outlook deep down.

I have responded to a news suggesting that India maybe headed for Arab type of uprising.

One thought on “An Arab type of uprising here?

  1. What these countries all had in common was a particular type of state. To a lesser extent, the same can be said of the other Arab countries that went through an uprising. That state did not limit its power to running the institutions of governance, as per a normal, regular state structure. Rather, it sought to reduce, piece by piece, the amount of activity that took place in society without direct involvement of the state. In other words, these states targeted – and successfully pulverised – civil society.

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