An Address to Aam Aadami Party @aamaadmiparty

AAP should be asking to be excused by the rural people for not reaching up to them in the next elections and concentrate on just the urban centres.

This will save effort and will allow better use of resources, the Rome was not built in day.

They will understand. If the impact in urban constituencies will be encouraging , the wings may be extended to all over the country.

Also if AAP can take promise from the parties who it sees as lesser evil than Congress that they are for end of corruption then seat sharing and mutual support should be the formula to face elections.

If votes are simply divided then may be the caste groups and communal calls have the real benefit.

Emotionality is not good for politics, as you have entered this field you must now follow some of the rules of the game.

Even Gandhi was not averse to such things.

I think he was convinced that the Indian nation would be a better option to majority then trying to keep the militants of western region of undivided India with it self, however, the East Bengal should have been with us but he couldn’t ensure it.

He therefore even went to the extent of fasting for peace in Bengal. This kind of Chankya like thinking will help the cause not defeat.


Krishna Khandelwal

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