Nehru’s Promise and Kashmir

My Letter to Editor of The Hindu:


With reference to the article of Ms Arundhati Roy published in your paper, I would like to point out that it’s the best course open to India and Pakistan to see to it that people of Kashmir are given a chance to choose what would they like their fate to be. If UN can just ensure that all those who have been engaged in physically forceful agitations ever and their connected people first are taken prisoners, the Kashmir border is kept secured from all sides around it including India’s , PoK is handed over to UN authorities, public do not resort to any kind of demonstrations for six months, all residents of Kashmir are made to surrender their arms and lastly all the refugee Pundits are rehabilitated in their ancestral homes, then a plebiscite or referendum can be carried out by placing the sets of constitutions prepared by representative organizations to be voted for acceptance along with an option to continue as an Indian state under the present constitution of India. The most accepted constitution also should then be asked to be endorsed further by a 2/3rd majority by the representatives of people elected as members of interim house of people or be amended till its acceptable to 2/3rd of majority. UN forces should remain there to keep law and order and external security. The costs should be equally shared by India, Pakistan and the UN initially and be paid back out of the funds of the eventual governing entity. However, if maximum votes are for the option to continue as a state of India under the present constitution of India, then the problem gets solved then and there and cost to be entirely borne by Indian Union. India should have a right to get suitable provisions that no foreign power is ever invited to fund or man the Kashmir’s defense and police departments.

I think this should work out as the best solution and may be a bench mark case when ever and where ever disputes of this kind rise up.

Krishna Khandelwal
( )

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