I Am Amazed…

Dear Friends,

The following post published on 21st Oct 2007 was written by me under some kind clairvoyance which may have been the result of inputs that were absorbed by the sub-conscious. I chanced upon this today while as some body had rad it today and simply I wanted to check what was it written in 2007 that may have interest anybody. Now when I went through it once again, I saw that it reflected a scene that upset the whole world in the next year itself. I had a uneasy feeling about a big happening while writing it and it so happened as you are all now aware. Please read it your self:

‘panch-tatva talk
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Dalai Lama was given congressional gold medal by Bush, the highest civilian award and as a reaction the Chinese government called US Ambassador to lodge its protest for this treatment to Lama. After announcement of India’s nuke deal with US China has been reported to have made many an incursions in to Indian border across the accepted line of control. There are an increasing number of items that require adjustment in favour of one or the other of these two trading partners ie China and US. Stakes are getting higher every day. Some under currents are taking the oil and gold to dizzy hieghts and monetary flows are plentiful and are influencing trading and pricing levels like never in the past. Currencies are uncomfortably perched at either the higher points or at the lower points. Even the Central Banks of the nations are finding it difficult to assess risks involved . Credit is being doled out most liberally and the monetised debts are being rated poorly in case of large chunks of sub-prime lending. The economies of certain nation are growing at break neck speed. It is not being minded because the powerful nations of the world have their own stakes in those countries. All time enemies are seeking friendships with each other and newer conflicts are simmering beneath the surface. Some thing would give way and would upset the present applecart which remains balanced for the time being but not exactly by benign hands.

I think a cold war is going to be started or let us say has already started between the powers of the day which matter.India would have certain advantages if it plays its cards rightly. There should be a team of thorough bred diplomats in New Delhi to do the deliberation at every change in scene and be prepared for contingency plans , likewise a team of economist should be doing the same thing. While choosing such teams the talent, experience and understanding should only matter ,not the things like who is connected with whom type play a role in selection. Such talented people may be selected out of the buerocrates, Netas,educationists and the eminent people without thinking about the political affiliation of the person concerned. Things are now too sensitive to be allowed a decision by the sole minister on spur of the moment.



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