AXISBANK @1156 on 18/10/2013 #NSE

You may buy or accumulate this for medium term…ref 1078/5.35

Axisbank @1202 on 19/10/12
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I think this should be retained for medium term now i e you may book profits when it goes up in a few strokes till the next advice or wait till next advice.The result was on 15/10/12.

Previous Advice:
AXISBANK @1110 on 17/08/12 #NSE #BSE

You may retain this but not add for long term…ref 991/4.83 . Previous Advice: AXISBANK @1123 on 28/04/12 You may buy Axis Bank for long term…ref1060/4.62 Previous Advice: Axisbank @1120 on 27/02/12 You may retain and add some more for long term, obtain fresh advice after next quarterly result. (ref 991/1460/1150/5300)

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