Bajaj-Auto @2097 on 17/07/14

You may get out of this if you have this in your portfolio, at current prices as there is not much scope for appreciation, wait for advice after next quarterly results for further action…911/3.64

Previous advice:

Bajaj-Auto @1574 on 17/05/12 #NSE #BSE #Nifty
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Bajaj Auto : This may be retained for medium/long term…1002/3.02 .

Note: Those who accumulated this have not had an occasion to sell as the it has not under-performed Nifty . This may be sold by those who wish when they have an occasion to book profits or else they may carry this till next advice.

Previous Advice:

BAJAJ-AUTO @1706 on 27/02/12

You may accumulate this for long term i e over the period till next quarterly result and obtain fresh advice after next result (ref 1045:1840/1258:5300).

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