SSLT (Sesa Sterlite Ltd) @213 on 12/02/2015

You were advised to buy this but prices slid down and you might have been out of this stock in terms of the guidance provided on home page (relevant part reproduced below for reference); there is nothing however to worry about the stock and you may buy it again at going prices now for long term, hopefully you will be rewarded…ref 1377/40,89

(Since there are always fresh developments affecting the price, a stop loss mechanism should be followed. You may sell off half the quantity upon under-performance of 3pc against broader indices and sell entire quantity upon 5% under-performance by the stock bought. Once out of stock you should not look back at the same stock until fresh advice has been obtained under ‘panch-tattva’.)
Previous Advice:

SSLT (Sesa Sterlite Ltd) @257 on 03/11/2014

You may buy this for long term…ref 1328/32.29

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