JKTYRE @117 on 24/02/2015

You now book profits in this partially and retain rest for long term, this stock has been split during the previous quarter in to Rs 2/- paid up from 10/- paid up giving an effective price of 585/-…ref 1144/74.90

panch-tattva/post result…jktyre

JKTYRE @133 (150208) gets 1026 panch-tattva points and may be bought for long term.

Previous Recommendations:

@152(020807):1030:buy for medium term.

(The companies names are referred in their respective NSE symbols for the sake of accuracy, for full name the NSE site may be referred. This system keeps you out of the laggards and also keeps you invested in the winning stocks. You now have sufficient understanding of it. Those who are fresh to come to this site may first go through the posts under ‘the disclaimer’ and ‘the points to remember’ and ‘panch-tattva: basis of analysis’ and for the schemes of subscription refer to ‘the new schmes’. You may ask for your item of interest for just Rs100/- per scrip and get updated on it from time to time for the upto the end of the quarter. You may contact me at my mobile no 09376168780 / o7926761249 or through e-mail krsnakhandelwal@yahoo.com / khandelwal.kkinsurance@gmail.com )

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