Nifty at this juncture…


I have reproduced the two previous posts which gave you broader direction regarding the markets. I think those who too these suggestions seriously have been safe and now better placed to make an entry in moderate fashion. I base my advice around this time on the facts of lowering of policy interest rates by RBI since then and also on a the commitment of Finance Minister’s to ensure bringing down corporate tax to 25% in over next four years. Both of these announcements have a long term welcome effect on corporate sector. You may now afford to keep greater part of your investible funds in equity space. I may mention here that Nifty today is ruling under 8700 mark.

Krishna Khandelwal

Advice on earlier occasions :

Avoid Leveraged Stocks


We have to be careful at this juncture of economy. Investments in leveraged companies will prove to be very damaging hence please check the balance sheets of stocks you hold and weed out the leveraged ones.

Is It the Time To get Out of Market

I surely think so, its because if the interest rates are reduced, the sentiment may not improve as much is required to give it further push on top of the gains already made and this would be an occasion for many to rethink about the real strength of market. Nifty has opened today at over 8600.

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