HCLTECH @895 on 21/04/2015

It became ex-bonus in ratio of 1:1 in March ’15 and therefore you have benefitted by selling it partly as per last advice; you may retain rest and add some more if you like for medium/long term i e you are at liberty to book profits between now and the next advice or even carry it till then as per your own choice and preference…ref 1146/9.35 (139/558/2783/1250/1000/3M).

Previous Advice:

HCLTECH @1958 on 06/02/2015

You may book profit on part quantity of your holding and carry rest for long term…ref 1204/4.44

HCLTech @1525 on 23/10/2014

You may retain this/add more for medium/long term…ref 1203/5.25

HCLTECH @1520 on 01/08/14
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You may retain/buy this for medium/long term…ref 1101/5.00

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