GODREJCP @1095 on 28/04/2015

You may still wait for the next advice for picking this stock or you may accumulate this on dips only for medium term…ref 780+80/7.56 (219/312/1095/1350/973).

GODREJCP @1201 on 05/03/2015

We advised you to sell this off earlier and did drop to 850 but has rebounded since then in a sudden move, we do not give weightage to technical moves and base our advice on more solid grounds and have to advice to remain out of it even now and wait for next advice… ref 872+80/7.44 (218/329/1293/1350/1171).

Previous Advice:

GODREJCP @937 on 10/11/2014

You may now sell to book profit now…ref 948/8.86 Previous Advice: GODREJCP @540 on 30/04/12 (#NSE) You may accumulate this dips for long term…ref989/11.68

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