ULTRACEMCO @2680 on 30/04/2015

You were advised to sell last time and it kept you in safe waters, you may buy it only after some further correction and therefore keep watch or wait till the next advice…ref 773+60/3.05 (331/487/863/1300/888/12M/cld).

Previous Advice:

ULTRACEMCO @3041 on 06/02/2015

You may now book profits by selling and then wait for next advice…ref 802/2.86

ultracemco @2406 on 22/10/2014

You may have already accumulated it on declines and now you may carry it for long term…ref 814/3.32 Previous Advice: ULTRACEMCO @2521 on 22/07/14 You may accumulate this on dips over time and not go aggressively after it, for long term…ref 904/3.1

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