HDFC @1182 on 08/05/2015

You may now beging to accumulate this for long term…ref 1047/6.90 (259/1231/1518/1300/927/12M/cld).

Previous Advice:

HDFC @1379 on 05/03/2015

We did recommend for selling this in our last advice and it did fall to 1050/- after wards but has rebounded since after the RBI lowered ‘repo’ rates twice, but this is short term reaction and this doesn’t call for entering in this just now, you must wait for some time and act only after the next advice…ref 945/6.45 (126/339/1812/1350/1100).

Previous Advice:

HDFC @1110 on 03/11/2014

You were advised on 24/07/2014 to sell this off on surges and you have acted accordingly, if you still hold it you may sell now and wait for next advice…ref 920/7.49

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